BTC is one of the most controversial, albeit the most promising tokens

BTC token is one of the most controversial, albeit the most promising new digital reality tokens

In October this year, a new price record was set in the cryptocurrency market: BTC rose in value to $ 66,930. The short-term drop has been good for Bitcoin.

The current year is full of events not only inside, but also outside the market: BTC / USD has fallen in price due to difficulties in regulation. This happened in early 2021. The UK Financial Conduct Authority has warned those who invest in cryptocurrency that they could lose their money.

Tesla’s growth in February 2021

Many investors were worried about whether Bitcoin will return to its previous level. As soon as Elon Musk mentioned the cryptocurrency on his Twitter, its value soared by 11%. This has happened several times when top finance leaders have spoken out in favor of digital money. One of the significant, but short-term, ups was caused by the statement by Soros that bitcoins will still be sold at auctions. After Musk shared his $ 1.5 billion acquisition, the price surpassed the $ 48,000 mark.

Coinbase Listing April 2021

Please note that this news had a beneficial effect not only on bitcoin, but also on other cryptocurrencies.

Complete ban in China in summer 2021

Starting in 2019, cryptocurrency trading in China is considered illegal. Despite this, some continue this activity through cooperation with foreign exchanges.

However, the authorities have now announced a complete ban: the price of bitcoin has dropped by more than $ 4,000 at once.

Regulatory recognition in October 2021

America’s fifth largest retail bank has launched its own cryptocurrency storage service for funds. In addition, it is possible that in the near future an order will be issued for the management of federal agencies, upon entry into force of which it will be necessary to make recommendations on the organization of the crypto market.

Over the past few years, the history of the value of the BTC / USD pair is represented by repeated ups and downs: this trend began in 2017.

The “second life” of the cryptocurrency began in 2020: this was facilitated by the growth of trading volumes and the calmness of previous years.

Do not hope that the value of bitcoin will only grow; such reflections are typical only for naive and gullible traders.

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