History of the Fame Lady Squad NFT project

Fame Lady Squad is a collection of virtual NFT-based avatars. Its key feature is that the ava-tars are deliberately female, and the developers claim the project to be «the first generative female avatar NFT project». The collection consists of 8888 unique NFTs automatically generated by a special algorithm from millions of combinations.

The combinations are diverse and probably even exotic. The available traits include:

  • all kinds of skin colors (green and blue, too);
  • different eyes, pointy ears, tongue sticking out;
  • face tattoos of all kinds, earrings, and masks;
  • glasses and other accessories.

Some of the avatars even have multicolored eyes with laser beams similar to those we’ve seen in Bored Ape Yacht Club and a couple of other similar projects. This level of variety is clearly intended to provide potential customers with enough identity options to choose from.

HERstory of the project

Indeed, this strategy has proven to be quite successful. Launched in July 2021, the Fame Lady Squad NFT project managed to acquire more than $1.5 million shortly after the be-ginning of the NFT sales. Moreover, the project received a significant amount of attention from the crypto community and sufficient coverage in niche media. The founders known as Cindy, Kelda, and Andrea were promoting the project as the first truly pro-women NFT col-lection.

However, FLS was rapidly nearing a disaster. Early in August, a NFT enthusiast Fedor Linkkik started a thread in Twitter where he presented the overview of his research on true identity of the Fame Lady Squad developers. The evidence he provided has clearly shown that the real team behind the project consisted of three Russian males. That meant that the developers were blatantly lying about the collection being women-designed.

The proofs were undeniable, and the founders had no choice but publicly admit that they were three men. Despite the fact that the devs have apologized for the deception, many peo-ple were understandably angry, and the average price of the FLS avatars dropped to just about 10% of the maximum. To deal with the situation, the developers decided to give the project away to a couple of female community members who now continue to write its so-called HERstory.

User reviews

While the users were outrageous after the controversy with the founders’ identities, the ma-jority of the FLS NFT reviews remains positive. It seems that people like the avatars and ac-tively buy them: some of the NFTs may cost you as much as 40+ ETH. You can find many of them on the secondary market, and some are really used as avatars on platforms with NFT support, including Twitter.
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