NFT loomlock

NFT loomlock – a series of digital bird penguins to restore mental strength

Newly introduced and popular NFF collection, Loomlock has seen a significant increase in community and trade since October 2021. The Loomlock team fosters community engagement and rewards members with free gifts and extra perks.

Each NFT loomlock entitles you to a physical loomlock using a ransom token that will be electronically sent to the customer a few weeks after purchase. The redeemable NFT loomlock will be published in a special first generation issue. Loomlock is a mental lockout device designed to help you improve willpower and regain control of your life from addictions and vices. The authors of the project declare that more detailed information about the product will be published shortly.

In addition, to ensure a fair distribution process, the NFT Loomlock team released all NFTs after the final auction ended to prevent early secondary market formation on NFT platforms such as OpenSea.

What is NFT loomlock

Loomlock is a collection of 9000 NFTs called Wassies with various attributes including hair, face, clothing, and body color. To ensure a safe and random minting process, Loomlock smart contract uses VRF chain and Ethereum blockchain to store NFTs.

3,000 NFT Loomlock were available for bidding for 3 consecutive days in an English style auction. This system allows NFT project sponsors to create new units when gas charges are low. Apart from the original rate you made and the updated rate, you no longer have to pay huge gas fees. Moreover, NFT Loomlock metadata along with the image will exist for a long time thanks to the use of ethers for a decentralized approach.

When was Loomlock NFT released?

The original auction went live for 24 hours on September 14, 2021 at 4 pm North American time, and the next two auctions took place on September 16, 2021 at 12 am North American time time and September 17, 2021 at 11 a.m. North American time, respectively. The bids that won the NFT in the first auction were removed and the losing bids were carried over to the next auction.

What’s Loomlock Nft Wassie?

Loomlock Nft Wassie are 9,000 characters from the Loomlock NFT collection that resemble a platypus. On each day of the auction, a limit of 30 NFT was set for each address. Plus, you get a free license to use or distribute your Loomlock FT wassie worldwide along with any extensions you create.

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