Cool Cats NFT platform

Cool Cats NFT platform

The Cool Cats project was launched earlier in June 2021 on the Ethereum cryptocurrency platform. In fact Cool Cats NFT is an Ethereum-based collection of 9,999 Cool Cats (literally cool cats), each generated randomly and stylistically selected. Members of the Cool Cat community, where membership is as easy as owning a Cool Cat NFT, can participate in exclusive events such as sweepstakes, community prizes, and new NFT bonuses.

Besides the very rare, exclusive 66 cats, all 1st generation cool cats are blue with various attributes, including pirate hats, monocles, mohawks, epaulettes, knight helmets and etc.

First generation Cool Cats (the only generation so far) has over 300,000 potential choices – and ready-to-wear cats are generally considered the coolest. Cool Cats owners can also do whatever they want with their Cool Cats under a non-exclusive license, i.e. full copyright for the created digital art object.

The cool cats theme, embodied in digital objects like NFT, was inspired by the work of cartoonist Colin, known as “The Clone”. In August 2021, Ethereum Cool Cats became a hit with NFT-generated pet-themed collectibles. When the project was launched, one “cool cat” cost about 0.06 ETH. At the beginning of December 2021, the price of the cheapest Cool cats on the Open.sea blockchain auction is about 12 thousand dollars.

According to crypto market analysts, with entry into the Tron ecosystem, cool cats nft in the form of” cool cats “against the backdrop of a limited supply of collectible items, their prices will look more than optimistic.

Project operator: “Cool Cats Group” LLC. Legal address: 545 Channelside Drive A2408, Tampa, FL 33602, USA.

Project website –

The primary means of communication with the Cool Cat team is through the social media platform Discord and Twitter (@coolcatsnft).


To conclude this short overview of the crypto project, the following conclusions can be drawn. With all the activities of the team “ Coolcats “, such as planned projects, using tokenomics and the migration of Coolcats to the ecosystem of the Tron cryptocurrency platform. the NFT community is very optimistic about this project.

Another thing that can have a very positive impact on the Cool cats project and the growth in demand for NFT is the Tron-powered tokens. This provides a grand prospect for NFT cross-exchange between the blockchain Ethereum and Tron systems. Projects such as “ Coolcats” nft reviews that have a positive response from the crypto community are likely to evolve into larger and various types of crypto-assets and collections with more reliable investment function and unlimited potential for liquidity (value).

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