NFT Sup Ducks

Overview Sup Ducks NFT Platform

Ethereum is growing in popularity in the crypto industry. Investors who have invested in a promising cryptocurrency have enriched themselves, and offers of games on the blockchain appeared on the network.

The essence of these currency “entertainment” is the purchase of unique tokens – crypto animals, their cultivation and further sale at a high price. Let’s take a closer look at the overview .

Sup Ducks Game Features

PFP NFT costs from several tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Sup Ducks platform sells punk duck eggs. Eggs are genetically created as soon as a transaction occurs. The collector buys one or more eggs, waits a couple of minutes for the duck to “hatch”. But Sup Ducks reviews indicate that often the first eggs are dummies, and you will have to buy more.

The second scenario is that the ducks will have standard characteristics. But everyone is hunting for unique creatures that have a high price. Expecting a duck only from an egg is not the only way to get a rare animal.

On the platform Sup Ducks You can modify your duck by choosing:

  • other eyes;
  • mouths;
  • clothing;
  • backgrounds;
  • headwear;
  • skins.

It will take a lot of time for a duck to become more valuable. You also need to cross different types of birds, in parallel building a family tree. It should be borne in mind that not every duck will bear offspring – to lay eggs. Therefore, games in the blockchain with one duck are already initially losing.

But it is not the number of ducks or the eggs obtained from them that is valued, but the creature that eventually passed through the greatest number of generations. The uniqueness of the animal depends on the number of successful attempts. Such creatures on “ Dax NFR Soup” are expensive.

Sup Ducks – investment or financial pyramid

It may seem that no one needs all this, ducks are not bought, like other crypto animals. But if there was no demand for these cryptographic tokens, the platforms are unlikely to function. It means that they are interesting to someone, and people use this resource as a platform for additional income in the form of a game.

Review Sup Ducks showed that if a fan of punk ducks comes across an exclusive copy, he will upgrade it, then the duck will take it for more than 300 eggs a year. These are not just some small money, but tokens with a high value.

Cryptocurrencies are also used as avatars. After purchasing the NFT data, you need to verify, and put a meme on your avatar on Twitter. Such a desktop is appreciated in the NFT community.

Consider Sup Ducks NFT only as a game for crypto millionaires. These are investments that are subject to the same risk as other cryptocurrency transactions on the network.

NFT community developers competing with Sup Ducks have been researching the platform to find evidence of fraudulent activity. But it was not possible to call the creators of Sup Ducks cryptocurrency tricksters.

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