Overview of the BKEX exchange

BKEX Cryptocurrency Exchange

Digital currency is bought and resold through specialized exchanges. We offer an overview of the cryptocurrency exchange.

BKEX Cryptocurrency Exchange is considered a centralized exchange for digital currency. It has appeared on the financial market since 2018. In a short period of time, it was able to gain popularity among clients.

Exchange description

The site of the exchange has a nice design, but not a very user-friendly interface – it’s easy to get confused. For beginners, the site has many different materials with which you can understand cryptocurrency trading. Bkex Exchange is available in four languages. One of the basic languages ​​is English.

How to register

Register on the exchange bkex easy. To do this you need:

  • Enter your email address or mobile phone number.
  • Create a strong password.
  • Enter verification code.
  • The last step is to accept the terms of use.

Verification passed

After registration is completed, you need to go through verification. The procedure is needed in order to withdraw funds without any obstacles. To do this, you need the number and series of the document. You need to enter the series and number of the passport, photograph three pages of the document – photo, surname and first name, by whom and when issued, country of residence.

You also need to send your own portrait for a photo.

Is there a commission

On the exchange bkex commission yes. They are included with procedures such as:

  • Withdraw funds.
  • Account replenishment.

If you sign a perpetual contract, the commission will be minimal.

Is the exchange safe

If you pay attention to bkeks reviews , we can conclude that the exchange – one of the most reliable. It is protected from hacker attacks, user data is carefully encrypted, funds are stored in cold wallets. In addition, each user can install additional code.

If you have any questions, please contact support.

Exchange features

For those who are not constantly near the computer, there is a mobile application. It is very comfortable. You can enter the exchange anywhere, wherever you are. All functions are available in the application, as in the original version. You can deposit and withdraw funds, carry out trade transactions. The app also works in four languages.

Another feature is passive and active deposits. Passive is one that does not work, but simply accumulates interest, while an active one is constantly at work.

In conclusion, we can say that the exchange is worth your attention. Safe enough, you can safely conduct trading operations. This is a fairly popular exchange.

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